Public Meeting Agenda


The New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) will hold a public meeting on Friday, January 15, at 10:00 AM. 

During the meeting, the board will be voting on the second round of public funds payments to candidates in the 2021 primary elections.

The CFB is holding all public meetings remotely at this time. Click here to join the meeting.


New York City Campaign Finance Board
Public Meeting Agenda
January 15, 2021


 1. Approval of Minutes from December 15, 2020
 2. Report of the Chair
 3. Report of the Executive Director

 4. Announce Campaigns in Compliance

 5. Vote on 2021 Pre-Ballot Payments

 6. Candidate Appearances
  • Mathieu Eugene (2017)
  • Moumita Ahmed (2021A)
 7. Vote to Go into Deliberations
 8. Vote on Penalties
  • Mathieu Eugene (2017)
 9. Vote on Repayments
  • Mathieu Eugene (2017)
 10. Vote on Rule 7-09 Petitions
  • Moumita Ahmed (2021A)
  • James Van Bramer (2021)
 11. Vote to Ratify 2021 Payments

 12. Vote to Ratify 2021A Payments

 13. Vote to Adopt Rules

 14. Executive Session


(Election Cycle)
Office Alleged Violation
Mathieu Eugene

Public Funds Received: $100,100
City Council
(District 40)
1. Failing to report transactions
2. Failing to demonstrate compliance with cash receipts reporting requirements
3. Failing to report a transaction in a daily pre-election disclosure statement
4. Failing to document transactions
5. Accepting over-the-limit contributions
6. Accepting contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, or partnerships
7. Accepting a contribution from an unregistered political committee
8. Failing to demonstrate that spending was in furtherance of the campaign
9. Making impermissible post-election expenditures

The agenda is subject to change. Modifications made prior to the meeting may be posted to the agency’s Twitter feed, @NYCCFBPlease visit the CFB's YouTube channel for archived videos of past meetings.