Statement on the Insurrection at the Capitol


The insurrection at our nation’s Capitol this week by a group of rioters opposing the results of the Presidential election is a stark reminder of the value and integrity of our democracy. In the face of violent objections grounded in misinformation, the process continued as it was intended. Congress certified Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

Despite this violence, voting remains an effective tool for enacting change. Our democratic process should unite all Americans regardless of our disparate views, backgrounds, and geography. However, too many Americans doubt the legitimacy of others’ votes for these very reasons. In fact, many are actively working to suppress voting rights across the country. This week’s events once again exposed the deep systemic racism across our country and within our voting system. The treatment of these anti-democratic rioters at the capitol, in contrast with those protesting for racial justice, is especially upsetting. Voters of color too often face restrictive barriers to making their voices heard at the ballot box. As a result, many voters feel disenfranchised by, and mistrusting of, the political process.

The New York City Campaign Finance Board believes that faith in the electoral system begins long before a voter casts their ballot. It is dependent on respecting each other’s beliefs, and our right to express them peacefully. It requires public officials – including the President – to tell the truth about the safety and security of our voting system. Our goals are to ensure that every New York City voter, no matter their identity or beliefs, has the knowledge they need to make their voice heard at the ballot box and the tools to run for public office.

This week, rioters reinforced the importance of this work in their attempt to subvert it. We will keep engaging all New Yorkers in our elections and working to improve our elections system so that everyone can have faith in our democratic process. The certification of the 2020 election is incontrovertible proof that your vote matters. More than 159 million Americans made their voices heard at the ballot box, and our votes determined who will represent us in local, state, and federal offices. Our democracy lives on, and our work to preserve it continues.